This text originated from an on-line course in the use of the Tarot held by Michele Jackson on Compuserve’s NewAge forum in 1995. The text was later re-compiled and prepared for publication as a book. Some minor adjustments have been made by me and all the typos are also my doing as are the bugs this file might contain. If you find faults or have suggestions for add-ons please email me .

There seem to be at least two decidedly different ways to play the tarot. I prefer the more spontaneous type where the moment’s whim of the mind’s antenna decides what a card means. You pull it, look at it and listen to what it tells you. This modus operandi has no pre-determined meanings, each time the card may and often shows different input for the player. The other more structured option is to pre-define each card and most of its handling procedures and thereby make tarot a learnable and memorizable thing. This course follows the second way – as it must. The first would not require a course but only the most basic instructions. Each to his own.

This course is 100% html (old-school) and will run in any browser – just click on index.html for the start page. It does not contain any javascript or sophisticated css – it was written long before these widely existed.

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All the best and above all, have fun!