The State of the Union

I wrote this piece ca. 2005 for someone who asked me via email what the “thing” was with 9-11. I have since updated a few links without changing the text.

Hello researcher, you are asking:

can you send me information on the illuminati and the real 9/11 terrorists that you were talking about. I heard a little bit about it but want to know more.

To be honest, my first reaction was to ignore it, or, at best, reply with “google it”.

But then I remembered how hard it is to seperate the wheat from the chaff, the maliciously wrong infos from main-stream nerds, the me-stupid-but-I-have-an-opinion-too-and-you-must-know-it wrong infos, and the politically motivated disinfo from black sources.

And so I decided to go a bit deeper into the issue, maybe deeper than you ever wanted to know about.

But I have two things to ask from you:

1) look at the source material I provide or else most of what I say will make little sense.
2) know at all times that this is MY OPINION. It may be better informed than others but it most certainly is NOT THE TRUTH. I dont know the truth. Did I know it I would not be here anymore.

Let us start with 9/11.

The first thing you must ask youself is: can the official version possibly be true? Is it technically and physically possible?
Only after you have answered this NOT to the affimative it makes sense to ask: But then what has happened really?
And then WHY has it happenend, and ONLY then: Who did it.
While I could give you more or less useful replies to all of these questions it is much more satisfying to use your OWN brain and be you OWN judge.
To that end I have added a few links to IMHO objective reseachers who will give you the facts up to the point but not including “who did it”. They may aspire to answer that too but again, IMO their opinion will be lacking OTHER important background infos – so my answer which will come forth later on this page will be more encompassing I hope.

Here are two links from which you can work your way towards full understanding of 9/11 all by yourself.
I know it is work, but only in this way we grow:

Now, asmuming you spent at least one weekend researching the above resources let me try to unwind the matrix we live in a bit further.
Who did 9/11?
Like every good prosecutor we ask: cui bono? (who profits)

A) Obviously the military-industrial complex of old

B) The Neocon fraction of the “conservative” party who put the American Empire above all else in their doctrine

C) Stock market investors who had inside knowledge that 9/11 is going to happen (which of course is another way of saying: “it aint al Kaida”)

D) All the “letter agencies” who where out of work since their arch enemy, the USSR, had not only collapsed but became a mirror image of the US free capitalist system.

That already is a lot of might and power right there, also probably with lots of overlapping in personal.
Most ex-military OR CIA/NSA whatnot get high paid industrial positions later. Unless they run for president as Bush the elder did.

And as far as this most 9/11 activists are willing to go – and they are right. But not complete.

And here we enter the second part of your question: The illuminati.
See also HERE and HERE and HERE and many many more, just search on Youtube.
This will be much harder to digest.
If you watched the above video(s) (and you must to understand the rest) you know their agenda. It is almost 100% correct as crazy as it seems. Only ONE issue does IMO not reflect the truth:

They are NOT like us. We, the good people, are WORLDS above them spiritualy. But for reasons to be seen later that had to be hidden from our daily ego based consciousness or else no learning would be possible.

First, if you google the illuminati you will come across some Adam Weisshaupt, aledgedly their founder. He’s a shill. The illuminati go back WAY beyond that. In fact so much so that I now have to introduce you to a new theme of which I can not be sure how you feel about:
UFOs and the extraterrestrial presence.

Again it wont do you much good to get it force fed. If you doubt it in principle then you probably believe in mainstream media. Now I have a riddle for you. Watch this video. I shows 11 UFOs hunted down by 3 fighter jets on Fox and CNN!

The evidence for extraterrestral visitations today is so overwhelming in spite of mainstream media mostly trying to keep the lid on it that I wont go into this any deeper.
If you have doubts dedicate a weekend to these two websites: the disclosure project and exopolitics.
You MUST have the mental horizon these sites provide to be able to follow me deeper into the rabbithole. It does not mean you have to believe everything you read, you just have to know it.

Have you ever had an interest in palaeoanthropology? If not too bad. Humanity did not “evolve” here. It was created. There are numerous scientific facts who point towards this scenario. But they are scattered and mostly ignored. I can however suggest a book: forbidden archeology. It contains many valuable informations.

I am a biologist by profession. I was surprised to find 98% of the human DNA, when decoded, to be of none-coding nature (misnamed “junk DNA”). What do we really know about our origins? All the bones of pre-homo-sapiens ever found would easily fit into a small suitcase with lots of room to spare. No intermediate forms have been found – or if postulated have been debunked later.

Let us asume we have been engineered from lesser evolved ape like creatures to do menial work for our “gods” at the time.
Lets asume during their reign they constructed a sub-group of emotionless overseer type humans – psychopaths as we would call them today.

The aliens left – the controllers remained. Today they are the illiminati with their pawns, the military types and the politicians (with few exceptions).

Because they are so few they had to devise a method to remain in controll which initially wasnt too hard with the gadgets they inherited from their alien “gods”. But as time passed they needed a more reliable source of stable power. The idea of the “new world order” was born. We live in the end times of this plan which has almost come to full frutition.

As life on earth continued so did it in the alien star systems – we progressed, so did they. Today they are back but their ethics has somewhat improved (this is a terribly short version of what really is going on – in a nutshell of a nutshell so to speak, but it is just too much to put it all out here).

They do help but cant override free will. If we do not decide to do the right thing we will go down. It all depends on what WE THE PEOPLE do out of our free will at this crutial jucture in our history. Will we fall for fear based idiologies or can we see the beauty in the design of this plane of existence (which btw. is the 3rd of a total of 7 planes accessible to us in our current energetic “form” – if you are so inclined google “the law of one” for more background.

And so we finaly enter the teleological part. Why are we here? Why does evil exist? Does it exist outside ourselves or just as psychological aberration in some individuals?

Of course this goes way beyond you initial question BUT as you can see an honest answer to it cannot be given without all the factors involved.
One of them is “GOD” or “all-that-is” or the prime creator, name it anyway you like.

While established religions are all but sub-institutions of the illuminati (although they may have started as something else entirely) the god-experience remains an individual one and is available to all of us hypothetically at any moment.
Practically however, if you are lucky you have an OBE or NDE, else you’ll have to work for it which usually entails years of meditation and going inside for answers.
I do not profess to know all or even most ways – there may be as many as human individuals exist. But it is something no-one can take from you. No illuminati, no corrupt politician, not even death.

Therein lies our strength. He who does not fear is invincible. And all fear can be traced back to the fear of death – which is the greatest lie. You should fear birth, it is traumatic. Death is a vacation!

So why do we get to live thru all this evil stuff while on earth? Because without contrast there can be no execution of free will. If all is dandy and nice what are you going to decide? It would be a flat world not worthy of gods-in-the-making.

And that is what we all truly are. IMHO the villains have chosen the harder part.

I hope I have answered you questions.

with kind regards