that which | never | changes

I have decided to put my tarots under the LGPL (library general public license) which allows for usage of the material in "none-free" or none-gpl projects.
I have done so to help spread the idea that tarot is very individualistic. I.m.h.o. everybody should have his own tarot. Like symbols these cards work strongly on an individual basis. Roadmaps like books are of limited usability. Help to create a deck can and should be given though. - just my two cents.


l g p l    a n d   p r i n t   
  • l i  b r a r y   l i c e n s e
  • d o ' s   a n d    d o n t ' s
  • g o   h o m e


    l i b e r t y   
    f o r   t h e   
    c r e a t i v e   
    m i n d