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The Experimental was my first tarot. It has been designed with Corel Draw 4.0 and its rich clipart library on a 486/33. It took me exactly 78 days to make it, one card a day, or rather a night because I used to make them after 1am - and I really went steady 'til the end, no brakes. I immensely enjoyed the work and was surprised to find it accepted within two weeks of the submission to Urania, the then biggest European publisher for tarot. The booklet the editor-in-chief requested took a bit longer, mainly because I was not prepared to do it, I do not believe in books when it comes to tarot. But no booklet - no publishing. So I gave in to the force :-)
Later U.S. Games took on the English version, which btw. I wrote first - because I knew it would be harder to do for a German. Both publishers did not really promote it a lot - so I ended up selling 100 per year myself to friends and people I played with - while the entire rest of the bookselling world came up with 15 (!!) sales - that was when I revoked the copyrights from the publisher (with his consent) and put the deck under the GPL to hopefully serve more usefully in that way.


t h e   e x p e r i m e n t a l   t a r o t   
  • b a c k   t o   e x p e r i m e n t a l
  • g o   h o m e


    a   n e w   w a y   
    t o   l o o k   a t   a n   o l d   t h i n g