Another idea borrowed from "Tarot for Yourself" is permutations.
Permutations involve moving the cards from the spread into different positions and re-evaluating them. She presents several ways of doing this, but the one I use is probably the simplest.
Once you have read the spread, separate the cards into 5 piles, one for each suit and one for the Major Arcana. Then arrange each pile into numerical sequence. When we do this with Carla's spread we get the following:

4 of Wands (R), 8 of Wands, Queen of Wands
7 of Cups, 9 of Cups, Queen of Cups
10 of Swords
7 of pentacles, Page of Pentacles
The Hierophant, The World

Viewed this way we see freedom and creativity blocked or delayed (4 of wands R) and a high energy and a desire for things to move more quickly (8 of wands). These are aspects of Carla herself (the Queen of Wands).

Emotionally, Carla has dreams and hopes which seemed out of reach (7 of cups), but which can be realized and satisfied (9 of Cups). These may indicate Jane's emotions in this matter (Queen of Cups).

Mentally she feels a need for release and to start fresh (10 of swords)

Materially she wants to be rewarded monetarily, but that is secondary to her desire for a feeling of accomplishment (7 of pentacles).
She has the practicality and stamina to make this transition smoothly and not be carried away by fantasy; she is also highly capable, even though she is a novice in her present field (Page of Pentacles).

Finally she felt constrained in the past (The Hierophant), but now feels free (the World).

The many Wands and Cups indicate that this is important to Jane on a spiritual and emotional level.
Although she has indicated that this job is a financial necessity as well, I think the sense of accomplishment and self worth are even more important to her. This is just one set of possible interpretations. I like to do this at the end of a spread and use it as a summary of the reading.