Most readers do some type of centering exercise before doing a reading. These exercises can be elaborate or very simple.
The method I use is in the latter category. Before doing a reading I always shuffle the deck. While shuffling I ask God/Goddess to guide my words and allow me to assist the querent (or myself).
Some people like to create an atmosphere by lighting candles, burning incense or doing a short meditation before reading.
Whatever your belief system, it is best to approach the cards from a feeling of calm, rather than in a harried, distracted way. Pray, cast a circle, invoke the God/Goddess, meditate, do deep breathing exercises, or do whatever it is you do to get in touch with your center.

Tarot Exercise 2

Do the same exercise as yesterday, adding the threes and making a third column for the future. ou might want to try doing all readings aloud, even those done for yourself. I recommend you do the exercises aloud as well. It is one thing to recognize the meaning of a card in your mind and an entirely different thing to articulate that meaning to another.