The Moon XVIII

The Moon represents mystery, the subconscious, the unknown, intuition and dreams.
In many decks this card depicts a night scene with two towers, two dogs, a lobster climbing out of the ocean, and of course the Moon. Many people feel the Moon is a somewhat sinister or negative card, but I prefer to interpret it as getting in touch with your deepest self, facing your fears and exploring the unknown.
Many of us tend to shy away from our subconscious. We are frightened of what we might find there. When we have what we perceive as "negative" thoughts we try to push them back down under the surface into the subconscious. Perhaps we should examine them before we shut them away. Try to determine why we think these thoughts and what they might mean. When you get the Moon in a reading it can indicate that you are ready to explore the hidden aspects of yourself. You can face your fears and examine them.
This card can indicate developing your intuitive or psychic powers, exploring your dreams or fantasies, and exploring psychic realms by means of O.B.E., channeling, past life regression or other means.
This card can indicate a highly emotional period when you may feel as if you are being pushed or pulled against your will. Some interpret it as deception or disillusionment as well. The sign associated with The Moon is Pisces (perceptive, imaginative, unworldly), the color red-violet and the musical note B.