The Celtic Cross is usually considered to be a long term reading covering a period of six months to a year.

Throwing this spread everyday will probably confuse more than clarify what is going on . Mary Greer points points out some interesting things in "Tarot for Yourself", though she doesn't really develop them.
Per Greer, card 2 links cards 4 and 6. I see this as the things in the past that have led to or created your present obstacle, and that coupled with this obstacle will lead to the next turn of events if no action is taken change the course of events.
She also points out that card 1 links cards 3 and 5. I see this as where you are coming from (card 3), where you are now (card 1) and where you want to be (card 5).

I don't use significators, so I interpret card 1 as the querent. This card is who the querent really is now, as opposed to card 7, which shows how the querent views herself.
Card 1 is her true, inner self, card 7 is the face she shows the world. Another thing I sometimes do is to deal cards for the last position until a Major Arcana card turns up.
These cards are all parts of the outcome and by dealing until I reach a Major Arcana I feel I am reading up to the point where the outcome can no longer be influenced by the querent; where things are out of her hands. I did not do that in this spread in order to keep it simple.
You can sometimes draw quite a few cards before you get a Major.
I use this method in freestyle spreads as well, dealing cards for each position until I reach a Major Arcana. This method can make a simple 3 or 4 card spread quite full and revealing.