Group Reading

Jane was kind enough to give us some feedback and we seem to have drawn the right cards for her in her present situation.
She had questions about the interpretation of the outcome. Now that we have more information perhaps we should look at it again. The 7 of pentacles can be a delay, a reward for work done (reaping what you sow), patience or evaluating the results of your work.
Since Jane has just started this job, the 7 of pentacles probably indicates her future. She will look back over his period with pride and and a sense of accomplishment. Delay is probably not the best interpretation here.
With her comments perhaps a better interpretation would be having her dream job, yet being scared about whether she could do it (7 of cups) and reaping the satisfaction of knowing that she rose to the occasion and did a great job (7 of pentacles). I think the disruption of stability still fits because Jane has probably had to make some adjustments to juggle home, kids and the job.
Because she is obviously thrilled with her new job, she probably doesn't see the changes as onerous. I would change my interpretation of the Page of Pentacles accordingly. She has the practical skills necessary to make this transition smoothly and with as little disruption as possible.

Were we doing this reading face to face with Jane, we would have been getting feedback throughout and could have made corrections as we went.
That is one of the disadvantages of non-face to face readings. On the plus side, we have had time to consider our interpretations carefully and at our leisure, and to look at how the spread fit together as a whole.
I had this spread under the clear cover of my mousepad and have been looking at it for several days. Next we will play with the spread to see what else we can glean from it and then we will summarize it.