Tarot Software

Tarot Software - There is a quite a bit available. Commercial programs include two CD versions of Magic Vision's "World of Tarot" with 9 (!) complete decks on each CD. There also is the "Virtual Tarot CD", "Cyber Tarot" by Harper Collins, a CD Version of Axis Mundi's "Cyber Tarot".

There are also some shareware titles available including shareware versions of Axis Mundi's "Cyber Tarot".
I have a nice assortment of other shareware titles as well including an Egyptian Tarot Card reading program, a couple of programs with original, though primitive Tarot art and a nice little learning tool that sits on your Windows Desktop as a small icon.

When you open it you can get the interpretation of any card you need. It is not illustrated, but you can edit the interpretations to suit yourself. It is sort of a memory aid.

Added 2002: Magic Vision's CD based programs are no longer supported, the company has gone under. Few may be available from Amazon and Pearl.