Tarot Paraphernalia

There has been a surge in the market recently of what I call "Tarot Paraphernalia". I thought I'd mention a few of the things available. Most of these items are from the "Pyramid Catalog".

Tarot Tray - A glass tray to sit your cards on. I don't know why you'd want to do this, but if you do, it's available.

Tarot Stones - This is a set of 22 stones with simple glyphs representing the Major Arcana. You pull the stones from the bag to make your spread rather than use cards. The original release of this item was on black Marble, but the newer version is on a purple stone or stone-like plastic.

High Priestess Mousepad - This is a mousepad for your computer desk with a picture of the Waite-Smith High Priestess.

Tarot Decoder - This item is not available in the Pyramid catalog. It is a small piece of folding plastic with Tarot card interpretations. There are wheels attached with cut-outs and you rotate the wheel to the card you want to interpret and read the interpretation through the cut out. I found it clumsy to use and the interpretations trite, but it is available and it's easier to carry than a book I suppose.

Tarot Card Tee Shirts - "Any image from the Rider-Waite deck on a 100% cotton shirt! Full Color!" say the ad.

Tarot Card Counted Cross Stitch Patterns - Each Major Arcana of the Waite-Smith deck is available separately or you can buy the entire set.

Original Tarot Decks - There are a lot of limited edition Tarot decks being produced.
You need to subscribe to some Tarot publications to find them though.
I recently got a beautiful black and white deck done from linoleum block carving. It is from a limited edition of 120 and was only $40.00, a small price to pay for original art in signed and numbered editions, particularly when you consider that you get 78 pictures (or 22), vice 1 for the price.