The Tower XVI

The Tower represents sudden change.
This is not a natural gradual change like Death, but a cataclysmic change which we are often unprepared for. Most decks illustrate this card with a Tower being struck by lightening, with people falling from it. When you get this card you can expect events to happen quickly, usually too fast for you to do anything about them.
Often associated with loss, this card can signal a change in livelihood or lifestyle, a change in beliefs changes from nature ( natural disasters). My mother always says "everything happens for the best".
The changes brought about by the Tower are usually uncomfortable and unsettling, but they are survivable and will make us stronger.
The lightening, burns off what is not essential, forcing us to make a fresh start. I always believe that the changes caused by the Tower are in some way necessary to our growth. In the long term they help us, even though it doesn't feel that way when they are happening.
The planet associated with the Tower is Mars (energy, action, self assertion, heat, violence), the color scarlet red, the musical note C.