The Devil XV

Another card that makes many people uncomfortable, the Devil represents feeling bound, oppressed or limited.
Most decks illustrate this card with a fearful looking creature, part man and part beast. There are also people in the card who are chained or bound in some way. If you look closely though, the people usually have a way to remove the chains. In the Waite-Smith card for example, the couple's hands are free and the chain is loose enough around their necks to be lifted over their heads.
They are bound because they chose to be. This card represents self imposed limitations, often due to fear. The Devil can also represent addictions, all of the seven deadly sins (pride, greed, gluttony, lust, envy, wrath and sloth), and deceit. We are often comfortable with our problems and faults; they are familiar and safe.
Breaking free entails venturing into unknown territory. The Devil warns us to avoid excess, that many of our limitations are self imposed and that we have the power to break free and change things at any time.
The sign associated with the Devil is Capricorn ( practical, materialistic, serious and cautious), the color indigo, the musical note A.

A Tarot Exercise 6

Over time we tend to change our views and interpretations of each cards.

9. Hopes and Fears - 7 of Cups

Hopes/Fears (7 Water/Cups) Projections: I'm not sure whether this is a hope, a fear, or both. But reality may not be as it appears. Anything that looks too good to be true probably is. Conversely, anything that looks awful is a cloud with a silver lining.

10. The outcome - 7 of Pentacles

Finally, The Outcome - The seven of pentacles represents that there may be a small financial reward if the opportunity is seized, however this may well be at the cost of the present stability and happiness which Jane has so far enjoyed.

It could indicate that Jane has decided not to make any decision. She may just content herself with thinking about the change (7 of cups) and may put off or delay making a move right now (7 of pentacles). A change may jeapordize her present stability, but may be more rewarding to her, if not financially, then at least in terms of her happiness.

Undercurrent - Child of Worlds (Page of Pentacles)

This card indicates that underlying these plans is a thought to practicality. Jane is not going to do anything rash. She wants to do work that will satisfy her creativity and be fulfilling, but she is not the type to disrupt everything and everyone in this quest.
We learn new things, hear other points of view and perhaps experience the card in our lives.
An interesting way to see this is to chose a card and think about how this card applied to us at various points in our lives; as a child, as an adolescent, as a young adult and right now.
At each point in our life we see that what that card stood for is a little different. As we progress in our studies and become more experienced and practiced with the cards, we will continue to see an evolution in what each card means to us. I would write this exercise in my Tarot Journal and come back and look at it again in a few months.
See if you would change any of the experiences you related to the card in light of your understanding at that point.