Tarot and Creativity

I believe that most people who are attracted to Tarot are creative in some way.
We are visually stimulated by the cards, they capture our imagination and speak to us. Tarot has certainly enhanced my creativity. Here are some suggestions for combining your creativity with your Tarot studies:

Draw your own deck - This sounds quite daunting: 78 pictures, but you don't have to draw an entire deck. Start by drawing just your favorite cards.
Try making a Majors only deck. If you are like me and have difficulty with drawing even stick people, you can color a deck rather than starting from scratch. The following books have uncolored cards specifically designed for you to color: "The Mythic Tarot Workbook", and "Living the Tarot".
These books both encourage you to color the pictures provided for this purpose. You can also order a deck designed to be colored which comes complete with instructions for doing so from B.O.T.A. (Builders of the Adytum), 5105 North Figueroa St, Los Angeles CA. They make decks in two sizes for this purpose. You can also Xerox cards from books just for coloring.

Writing - You can write short stories about particular cards, or spreads. You can try your hand at poetry. Just writing in your Tarot journal is a form of creative writing.

Crafts - You can make your own Tarot deck bags, or create a reading cloth, perhaps with embroidery or cross stitch. You can decorate boxes to hold your cards, make Tarot dolls, or design a Tarot card in quilt form.

Music - If you are musically trained you can try your hand at composing Tarot Music. There is at least one tape of such music on the market. Write a song about a card.