Strength VIII

Strength represents the ability to persevere in the face of obstacles. It is about subduing the passions or delaying pleasure for a higher goal.
This card usually depicts a woman with a Lion. She has no weapons, yet shows no fear or apprehension. This card is not about physical strength, it is mental or spiritual strength. When you get this card in a reading it can indicate the need to face a situation and see it through to its conclusion.
You may need courage and mental strength to overcome something. The sign associated with Strength is Leo (protective, bold, passionate), the color yellow, the musical note E.

A Tarot Exercise 5

This exercise is just an expansion of the technique used to dream about a card.
Chose a card that you like. Look at the card carefully and try to imprint the details of the card on your mind. Close your eyes and see if you can recall the card in detail. If not, try again.
You may have to do this several times to get all of the details. You will be surprised at the things you notice when you do this that you hadn't noticed before. Once you can recall the card in detail, put the card down and do something else.
Periodically throughout the day try to recall the card again. You can carry the card with you if you like to check your progress, or wait till the end of the day, try once more and compare your results.

Once you can recall the card easily and in detail the next step is entering the card.
To enter the card recall the card in your mind and place yourself in the picture. This may take some practice, so don't be disappointed if you have difficulty with this. Just keep trying. If there is a person in the card you chose, try talking to him/her, if not, just look around and enjoy the scenery. Note how you feel, what the weather is, any sounds, smells or colors that stand out or any other detail that strikes you.
Write down what you have observed. Again, don't be discouraged if this doesn't come to you easily. It didn't for me either. I find I can do it best when I am in a monotonous situation, like riding (not driving!) on a long trip, or waiting for an appointment (I am usually early and have to wait), or when lying in bed, before going to sleep.