Tarot Progression

Some readers see a progression though the Minor Arcana with Aces representing a beginning, twos further development, threes as planning, fours as practical attainment, fives as unbalance, sixes as harmony, sevens as choices, eights as changes and nines as conclusions.
Tens are the ultimate fulfillment of the suit and represent a transition which leads back to the Ace.
Various authors have assigned different progressions to each number. Some are based on numerology and some are not. If you are familiar with numerology, you can apply some of its concepts to Tarot as well.

A Tarot Exercise 1

At this point we have covered 8 cards.
Pull those cards from the deck, mix them thoroughly and deal them in face down in four sets of two.
Do not think of a question, this exercise is for practice only.
The first card in each pair represents the past and the second, the present. Now turn over the first pair and interpret the cards together.

Example: Two of Swords, Ace of Pentacles - You have just completed a fairly tumultuous period. Things were difficult, but you worked them out, achieved a balance and are about to begin a period of material prosperity.

Do the same with the other three pairs.
This exercise is designed to get you used to the idea of reading groups of cards right away. It should help you to see relationships between cards rather than viewing each card in a vacuum.
If you have time, you should do this exercise every day, adding the new cards you have learned to the group you use. If you like, remix and try it again, you can't do this one too often.