Tarot Dreams

If there is a card you want to know more about on an intuitive level, you can try dreaming about the card.
Before you go to sleep spend a few moments reading about the card you wish to dream about. Pull the card from the deck and spend a few moments looking at it.
Close your eyes and try to recall the details. Repeat if necessary until you feel comfortable that you have an impression of the card in mind. Some people like to put the card under their pillow. You may not dream of the card at first, it might take several days of repeating this before you have a dream which includes the card.
You may not be successful at all, but if you do dream of the card, record everything that happens in the dream in your Tarot Journal. The dream can give you some additional insights into the card and what it means to you. The meaning may not be clear to you at the time but don't fret, later events might shed some light on the dream. That is why it is important to write it down.

Sometimes we dream of cards without trying. When this happens I try to see how the card or cards play out in my life over the next few days. I also pay particular attention to the cards dreamt of if they show up in subsequent readings. Even if we can not figure out what the dream meant, just trying to interpret what the dream meant is enlightening.