The Magician I

The Magician represents directing your energies to some purpose.
He is creative, skillfull, clever and capable. Most decks show the Magician with the four suits somewhere in the picture, most commonly on a table before him. They represent the four elements, the tools he uses to make magic.
When we think of a Magician, we commonly think of the rabbit in the hat trick or pulling a coin from ones ear; the illusion of pulling something from thin air. The Tarot Magician does the same thing, only it isn't illusion; he uses his knowledge, power, creativity and force of will to transform the elements; to create.
When you get this card it is an indication that you are focused, confident, and ready for the task at hand, or that you need to become so. It is a time of creativity and purposefulness. The Magician is associated with the planet Mercury (communication), the musical note E and the color yellow.