The Major Arcana

The Minor Arcana and Court Cards represent the everyday; our physical and emotional concerns, our environment, friends and relatives.
The Major Arcana represent our higher selves, the spiritual and the outside forces that influence our lives. Many Tarot authors consider the Major Arcana to be the only important cards in the deck, relegating the Minor Arcana to divination.
I have several books which address the Majors only relating them to Psychology, Cabala, Numerology, Astrology, Alchemy, the Bible and Christian Hermeticism. There are also many Majors only Tarot decks available on the market. These are usually what I call "art decks", but they highlight the fact that the Major Arcana can stand on it's own.
I have never seen a Minors only deck. Some authors recommend you do readings with just the Major Arcana, though it has been my experience that most querents seek answers to the everyday problems they face, vice the spiritual ones.

Many beginning readers are somewhat afraid of the Major Arcana.
I have heard the question "I got 6 Majors in my Celtic Cross, what does it mean?" many times. The Majors are nothing to fear.
To me they indicate that powerful forces are at work in the situation, some of which may be beyond your control.

Knowing they are at work however, helps you prepare to deal with them in the most effective way possible. Some of the more frightening cards in the deck are in the Majors.
The Devil, Death, The Tower, usually present fearsome images which we react to on a gut level.
Again I want to emphasize that each card has a full spectrum of meaning. The nurturing Empress can be a maternal tyrant,
The Devil has a fun side, and the drastic change indicated by the Tower is often for the better in the long run.
Keep these things in mind when we discuss the Major Arcana.

These interpretations have been kept brief and simple. The symbolism of different decks varies according to how the designer interprets each card.
Each set of Majors has it's own style and flavor. Use these interpretations as a jumping off point for further study. Become familiar with the symbolism and idiosyncracies of your own deck.