Other Court Card Systems

The Gill Tarot deck and the Voyager each use key words on their court cards.

They are as follows:
Child Seeker Feeler Learner Player
Man Actor Surfer Inventor Achiever
Woman Sensor Rejoicer Guardian Preserver
Sage Seer Regenerator Knower Master

Gill Wands Cups Swords Disks
King Innovation Inspiration Intuition Conception
Queen Reflection Contemplation Reason Nurture
Prince Aspiration Creativity Action Construction
Princess Transformation Evolution Control Growth

As you can see, court card interpretations vary greatly among authors and readers.
My advice is to chose a method that you feel comfortable with, master it and use it consistently. There are several more court card interpretations that I found interesting, but did not include because they were too lengthy to explain adequately.
Among them are Jana Riley's interpretations in "The Tarot Book" which is psychological (primarily Jungian) in approach and Rose Gwain's "Discovering Yourself through the Tarot" which she describes as "drawn from the traditional Tarot literature as well as mythological and psychological sources...further amplified by the I Ching".
Many authors were not included because their descriptions were too skimpy or were of the "physical characteristics" school of thought, which is well known and need not be repeated here.