Queen of Wands - Self confident, powerful, generous, quick tempered
Queen of Cups - Nurturing, psychic, emotional, empathetic
Queen of Swords - Articulate, critical, aloof, distant
Queen of Pentacles - Practical, trustworthy, earthy, comforting

Queens in my opinion are women who wield some power over the querent, whether positional or emotional. I see Queens and Kings as very similar, though I feel Queens are more subtle in their power. In my opinion men can be Queens and woman can be Kings depending on how they use and wield their power.

Gareth Knight in "The Magical World of the Tarot" states that "The Queens and Kings may represent older people according to sex, but this is by no means universal...they represent people in established positions of authority, but this may well be in the totally domestic context of father or mother - or indeed something that takes the place of father or mother. It could be a company, committee, social worker or peer group."

Pamela Eakins in "Tarot of the Spirit" says "...all Mothers (Queens) are related to the element of water. Regardless of the suit in which they appear, although they are conditioned or refined by the attributes of that suit, it can be said that all Mothers personify the qualities of emotion and understanding. The Mothers in their exalted state are receptive, loving, and nurturing."

Eden Gray in "The Tarot Revealed" states "In readings, the the King often symbolizes the spirit; the Queen, the soul; the Knight, the ego; and the Page, the body." I found this interesting because in "Mastering the Tarot" she uses the physical charecteristics method and says the court cards are people.

I'll stretch a bit here and discuss the Voyager deck.
In my interpretation, the Women of that deck are not the same as Queens, but he has some interesting correspondences which I wanted to include. In "Voyager Tarot, Way of the Great Oracle" he has the following correspondences:

Woman of Crystals (swords) - The Priestess, Justice
Woman of Cups - The Moon, The Star
Woman of Worlds (disks) - The Empress
Woman of Wands - The Priestess, Strength

He states "the Woman cards are the human expressions of their archetypical seeds, which are symbolized by the Major Arcana Archetypes."

Tarot Exercise 4

One way to get familiar with the Court Cards is to personalize them. This exercise based on "Tarot for Yourself" may help you to remember the Court Cards.

We each show several faces to the world each day. We are mothers, fathers, co-workers, bosses, subordinates, siblings, children, friends, students and teachers. We are viewed differently in each of these roles. Divide a sheet of paper in half. On one side write down the roles you play each day. On the other side, write the court card which you feel corresponds to this role.

Do the same thing for other people you know, friends and relatives. For example, I see my favorite aunt as the Queen of Swords. My current boss is a Knight of Wands, though my previous boss was the King of Cups (he was also the Emperor!).
My husband is usually the King of Wands. My mother is usually the Queen of Cups.