Knight of Wands - Searching, spiritual, enthusiastic
Knight of Cups - Romantic, sensitive, caring, moody jealous
Knight of Swords - Aggressive, communicative, interested in ideas and their expression
Knight of Pentacles - Secure, stable, reliable, patient

To me the Knights are the querents peers. They are seekers on a quest which I interpret to be finding their place in the great scheme of things, therefore they are like most of us, who are on the same quest.

Richard Gordon in "The Intuitive Tarot" states that "court cards represent an individuals level of awareness, or their age (child, adolescent, or adult)...(knights) represent the period of trying out new ideas while still making quite a few mistakes, just as adolescents do in their attempt to master maturity."

Rosemary Guilley in "The Mystical Tarot" says that "court cards reflect the influence of aspects of personality in our lives - either from ourselves or other people:...Knight: Energy, Drive".

Paul Foster Case in "The Tarot" says that "Knights sometimes represent the coming or going of a matter, depending on which direction they face."

Mueller and Echols in "The Lovers Tarot" state "As warriors, the knights symbolize strength, service, mobility, courage, victory with honor, and acting as champions for high ideals.
Always ready to do battle with the forces to be overcome, knights suggest action, sometimes hasty (knight of swords) which will need to be tempered with with prudence or caution.
Both men and women can make good use of the constructive forces symbolized by their knight cards."

Knights are associated with fire or air depending upon the author. I associate them with air.