Other Court Cards Systems

Some decks have different systems for their court cards.
Two I know of have key word systems and one uses the court cards to modify other cards in the spread. "The Witches Tarot" by Ellen Cannon Reed uses court cards as modifiers.
When you get a court card in a spread you deal another card on top of it which will be modified by the Court Card. Her reasoning is based on the Cabala. In Reed's system:

Kings represent the creative urge, (choosing the seeds to plant)
Queens represent taking the first step, (planting the seeds)
Princes represent the results of our planning taking shape, (plants sprout and grow)
Princesses represent the final form, (harvesting what we have sown)

For example "Queen of Cups is dealt, followed by the Two of Wands.
The Two of Wands represents ideas taking on energy..., the Queen means the energy is at the concept stage - not yet taking on form, but on it's way to formation." ("The Witches Tarot", pg 149).
Reed's system is quite different from any other, but makes sense Cabalistically and certainly tames the messy problem of interpreting Court Cards.