Page of Wands - Active, energetic, enthusiastic, playful and passionate
Page of Cups - Affectionate, dreamy, intuitive, sweet
Page of Swords - quick witted, takes risks, sometimes brooding or thoughtless
Page of Pentacles - Practical, thrifty, wise for age, physical

Pages are considered the children or young people of the deck. I personally think they have many characteristics in common with The Fool.
They are inquisitive, impulsive, playful and eager to learn. To me they indicate a person who has these characteristics regardless of age or sex.
In reading for myself I interpret them as a need to utilize these qualities (instead of being my usual serious self). I then expand on that meaning by applying the qualities of the suit and their position in the spread.

Mary Greer in "Tarot for yourself" says "Pages signal the need to look into a matter - to study it, to be open to messages or new ways and ideas. They act as catalysts for change".

Gail Fairfield in "Choice Centered Tarot" associates Pages with risk taking. "With pages you are setting out to take the risks that you've contemplated or avoided in the have all the experiences of the ace through ten behind you, so your risk is a calculated one, but there are no guarantees!"
Most authors attribute Pages to the element of earth (I do too), so they have the attributes of that element as well.

Angeles Arrien in "The Tarot Handbook" says "..the Princess (page) of any suit indicate(s) consciousness that is centered and in the process of deepening...the suit will indicate where the processes of centering and deepening are occurring."

Carl Japiske in "Exploring the Tarot" says the court cards are "the 4 faces of the minor Arcana and they represent the different stages of maturity the aspirant or The Fool attains as he learns the lessons of the path.
The Page represents the novice in working with the energy of the suit. He is the student, the learner, and cannot be trusted with any responsibility. Whenever the Page appears in a layout it is an indication of immaturity and the need to grow in understanding and expertise."

Several authors state that the Page means a message, phone call or some other type of communication. Most agree that it is a young person as well.