Court Cards

Court Cards represent one of the greatest challenges to new readers. I think this is because they force us to rely on our intuition, and we are usually afraid of being wrong.
I have found though, that when I went against my intuition in an effort to "play it safe", I was usually wrong and my intuitive answer was the correct one.

Court cards obviously represent personalities, but whose?
They can be read as aspects of the querent, or as other people in the querents life. One thing that helps is to ask the querent. As readers we sometimes think we have to know all the answers and feel shy about asking the querent for help, but the reading is about the querent.
Who knows better what is going on in that person's life than they do? Should you come upon a Court Card in a reading and feel stumped, describe the personality traits associated with the card and ask the querent, "Do you know anyone like this?" If the answer is no, then it would be safe to assume that these are qualities the querent has manifested or needs to manifest in this situation.

Many Tarot books tend to gloss over Court Cards, or to say they represent certain physical charecteristics. I disagree with this approach.
Because Court Cards give so many readers difficulty, I am posting the views of several Tarot authors as well as my own. You can look them over and chose a way of dealing with them that feels right to you.