At this point we have gone through all the numbered cards.
When we started with the Aces, I mentioned that different authors assigned different qualities to each of the numbers.

Here are a few for comparison:
1GiftsBeginnings, creation, willpowerUnity
2BalanceLove ,harmony, cooperation, polarity, duality, choice, balancePolarity, duality
3SynthesisCreation, abundance, imagination joy, artistic expressionDevelopment, growth
4StabilityOrganization, structure, discipline, work, orderMeasurement
5StruggleFreedom, progress, change, courage, versatilityMotion, adaptation
6ExuberanceService, truth, responsibility, beauty, harmonyBalance, equilibrium
7Inner workSpirituality, wisdomCreative synthesis
8ChangeGiving and receiving in balanceRhythm, alternate cycles
9CompletionCompletion, brotherhood universal loveTransition
10TransformationNew beginningsManifestation, completion, fulfillment

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