To me, nines represent the end of a cycle. An interesting idea involving cycles is the Year card. Angeles Arriens first proposed this in her book "The Tarot Handbook". Mary Greer describes it her book "Tarot for Yourself" and derived a similar system of her own in "Tarot Constellations".
James Wanless describes it in the booklet that comes with the Voyager deck. I will be using his method here. Per Wanless, the year starts for you on your birthday. There are two year cards for every year. One is the card that corresponds to your age. At birth you are The Fool. At one you are The Magician.
This cycle goes through 22 years and starts again, so at ages 22, 44, and 66 you are The Fool. The other year card is calculated by adding your birthdate to the current year, then reduce, much like we did the personality and soul cards.

For my birthday, June 6th it would be 6 + 6 + 1995 = 2007 = 9, The Hermit.
For me this is a Star/Hermit year.