Fives represent change, unbalance, challenge , struggle, conflict, breakdown.

Five of Wands - Competition, struggle, challenge to authority or established order, strife
Five of Cups - Disappointment, loss, failing to see the good in a situation, loss of pleasure
Five of Swords - hurt, bruised ego, a small defeat, loss or embarrassment.
Five of Pentacles - Worry, fear, financial loss, difficult times, trouble, insecurity

Tarot Exercise 3

All readers have cards they dislike. This exercise helps one see the full potential in every card.
Chose the 3 cards from the deck you dislike the most. Now brainstorm and come up with five good or positive things about each card.
This is pretty difficult, but you might be surprised at the things you come up with. The first few are fairly easy. In the Waite-Smith 5 of cups for example, there are still two cups left standing, all is not lost; the person in the card has a warm cloak and good solid shoes, which seems to say his physical needs are taken care of; there is "water under a bridge", which suggests that whats done is done and that he should let go, pick up his two remaining cups and get on with his life. I'm sure you all can come up with others.