Cards from The Experimental Tarot

  The Son of Water

"Hang loose" A surfing sunnyboy targets a swimsuit beach beauty. His sail speaks his intent. The native Indian whale is widely recognized as totem of the techno-, disco-, living the fast lane-generation. Soft, nice and uncommitted connections, superficial love- relationships. The energy is unfocused, radiates in all directions.

Node/Venus: Loving connection, Attraction. Theme for contemplation: Hormones Affirmation: "I find realization" Hint: Are you a slave of your biology? All you need is drugs and techno music? What is behind this? What are you distracted from?
  The Daughter of Water

"The young and the innocent" A young, naked maiden sits by the whirling sea, a flamingo is her companion, further enhancing the impression of innocence and fragility mixed with erotic excitability.

Moon/Uranus: Exciting female drive, emotional surprise. Theme for contemplation: Youth Affirmation: "I will live!" Hint: ,Enjoy the tide of youth to its fullest. Discover and embrace the world. There is a lot to do, take it on!
  The Father of Water

"I am in everything and everything is in me" A light-green male figure holding a compass-rose in his left hand, clothed quite conventionally, as if emerging casually from the center of ocean- blue, whirling waves. His body covers land and ocean, a blue whale jumps at his feet. He symbolizes respectful, unobtrusive, harmonious rule, deeply in tune with nature, all- encompassing, accepting no artificial boundaries.

Node/Jupiter: Harmonious, supportive relations, many positive connections. Theme for contemplation: Responsibility Affirmation: "I serve myself and therefore you" Hint: Karma Yoga, loving deeds for the good of others. You are famous with your comrades, and rightfully so. You are an ambassador of the new age.

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