Cards from The Experimental Tarot

  The Mother of Water

"Man is the dream of the dolphin" A woman of almost fairy-like qualities emerging from water is playfully surrounded by dolphins. A vast full moon illuminates a waterfall merging with the sea. A regular grid, the lines of the world made visible, holding together whatever reality is currently maintained. Is a dream less real than what one calls a "wakeful" state? One's creativity may create any world.

Neptune/Venus: transcending, almost unearthly love, intimate knowledge of the beyond Theme for contemplation: Co-creation Affirmation: "I" creator of the world, welcome you as my equal" Hint: You don't need huge telescopes to discover non-human intelligence. The dolphins believe they are the only intelligent species on this planet. Because they know us very well, their assumption makes sense.
  The Seed

"Love is the seed, God is the flower" In the seedling sleeps the soul of the tree. It is complete in itself, the property of size will come in it's own time, with help from various earth- ingredients, represented by different colored drops, plus a light shining on it which the huge sun gives abundantly.

Uranus/Jupiter: Sudden, great luck, optimistic outlook. Theme for contemplation: Optimism Affirmation: "I am sure to reach" Hint: Thought is the seed of experience. Once you recognize this principle you have it all. If you have problems with this, read ,Message of a Master".
  The Impulse

"Woodstock, flowerchild" A young boy plays with a ball, his face expresses joy and content, the object of joy may be connected with a surprising message, indicated by a letter. Leaves dance in the air, nature participates, a global shape indicates a widespread positive reaction towards such attitude.

Venus Uranus: Joyful happening, spontaneous joy. Theme for contemplation: Joy Affirmation: "Joy, here I come!" Hint: Joy is your natural state. Sometimes music is helpful in case you have forgotten. Get yourself a new CD.

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