Cards from The Experimental Tarot

  The Father of Fire

"Mine is the power, the kingdom and the glory" A featureless gray mass of people hails the faceless image of their leader, symbolizing the tendency to delegate responsibilities to public figures that make themselves available. They also make great projection screens through which individuals avoiding responsibility can live a pseudo-existence of thrill, adventure and purpose.

Sun/Node: Public figure, male leader. Theme for contemplation: The small and the big "I". Affirmation: "I follow myself" Hint: Problems with leadership and responsibility? Read ,Love and Profit - The Art of Caring Leadership".
  The Mother of Fire

"I am the source" The mother/child relationship may be the most intimate the physical state can provide. A mother feeding her babe symbolizes this, while the priestess right behind her offers a cup of ritual wine to a seeker of her wisdom. In ancient times, she was highly regarded and sought out for advice and vision. For the anima "eternal" memorials have been built. The circle nears completion, what once was common sense will be recognized again. The red "galactic" spiral and the salamander shape represent the fiery unpredictable components of her energies.

Pluto/Node: Religious public figure, intimate connection. Theme for contemplation: Anima, the female creative impulse. Affirmation: "The world comes through me" Hint: Recognize your strength, and the accompanying responsibility.
  The Fountain

"Feeling is believing" A tiny dancer in graceful turning movement, radiating light from the sexual-, heart- and perceptional energy-centers. She is hovering on top of a heart with wings consisting of water drops. The playful and light use of loving energy, freely given, is depicted.

Mars/Moon: Impulsiveness, emotional action. Theme for contemplation: The flow of life. Affirmation: "I am overflowing" Hint: Life is like music, poetry, never ending, senseless, existing for no reason other than itself. Stay tuned to the flow.

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