Cards from The Experimental Tarot

  The t - Daughter of Air

"Poetry is the language of the gods" The borderline of verbal expression, saying the unspeakable, expressing love and affection through words and song.

Moon/Mercury: Intuitive new thought, poetic expression. Theme for contemplation: Hear a butterfly laugh while tasting a cloud. Affirmation: "YES" Hint: Read "The Prophet"; enjoy!
  The Father of Air

"Knowing by dissecting" Lenin, the great thinker of social theories that never worked, is a prime example for the scientific approach that is locked up in cause-effect duality. "The state of being determines the consciousness" is his favorite theorem. Nothing could be further from the truth. The eagle looks for his target from the higher point of view, ready to strike the unknown, nine planets and the arc of the sun represent scientific views of our universe, mathematical grids laid out to capture "objective reality" outside of the observer. Limits can be seen even in such small a thing as the mathematical constant Phi, so infinitely long, it will never be known in its entirety.

Sun/Pluto: "I know", "I am the attainer". Theme for contemplation: Being separated. Affirmation: "I will become one with the object of my curiosity" Hint: Do you tend to rationalize? Get a taste of direct perception. Get your mind to shut up!
  The Mother of Air

"Teaching is learning" Leaning on two archetypal communicators, one talking, one listening, a woman is immersed in a script, gray hair indicating wisdom and experience, ready to learn more to digest and communicate her own synthesis of the assimilated material. The owl standing on a book facing the woman also indicates knowledge and wisdom.

Node/Midheaven: Shared ideas, "I am with others". Theme for contemplation: Exchange Affirmation: "What I learn for myself will serve all" Hint: It is far from being egotistical to wade through thick books in the corner of your room. Your knowledge will eventually spread and have a positive influence on your surrounding. Verbal discussion is only one way of communicating though.

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