Cards from The Experimental Tarot

  The Intuition

"Reasoning mind and intuition are brothers, not enemies" At the root of ideas of freedom and liberation is the spark of intuitive knowledge. It ignites great movements and brave new worlds. From the All- One to the diverse, growth and learning achieved by experience among the hills and valleys of life.

Uranus/Pluto: Sudden enlightenment, intuitive stroke.Theme for contemplation: How do I separate impulse from intuition? Affirmation: "I am an intuitive person" Hint: Intuition is the direct link to god, our higher self or however you call it. It is a steady but silent source of information. To use it effectively, inner silence is required.
  The Cyclone

"The center of the cyclone - Meditation" To break loose from rigid circumstances, limiting relationships, can be great liberation if done consciously, or lead to destruction if done unconsciously. The honeycomb represents a strictly organized society, the dark black and blue crosses suggest similar, military-like structures in the human world.

Saturn/Uranus: Restricted freedom, sudden destruction Theme for contemplation: Search for your center. Affirmation: "With firm roots I will have strong wings" Hint: Try bioenergetic exercises, have Rolfing or Rebalancing sessions. Even a simple foot massage of a friend can be a great help. A lack of grounding can lead to all kinds of undesirable mental and emotional states.
  The Son of Air

"Only flying is better" (Pilot's wisdom) Like in the books of Richard "Dick" Bach, the deep spiritual experience is found unburdened by gravity, light as a feather, accompanied by gracefully soaring birds. From the highest to the deepest, all shades of human existence are sought. The greatest insights are often found where danger lies.

Pluto/Mercury: Deep spirituality communicated, communion expressed. Theme for contemplation: The unbelievable easiness of being. Affirmation: "Up up and away!" Hint: How much risk do you allow in your life? How much fun do you have? Sometimes where danger lies the greatest of pleasures are found.