Cards from The Experimental Tarot

  The Flash

"It's party time!" A bomb blasting off, fireworks. Destruction or joyful colorful surprise. Choiceless energy's final determination ruled only by the intention of the energy's source or provider.

Mars/Uranus: Sudden action, surprise. Theme for contemplation: Take a day off. Affirmation: "Its time to celebrate" Hint: Try spontaneous alive expression of yourself; have a party!
  The Volcano

"Become one" A beautiful woman bathing her feet in the ocean of intuitive vision. The active volcano's energies merge with her shapes, nature's and man's intent cooperate, a native shaman's spirit is evoked, representing timeless wisdom and power utilized for today's ends.

Sun/Neptune: Ancient spirit, enthusiastic imagination. Theme for contemplation: Energy and the flow of time. Affirmation: "I am in continuous connection with the eternal spirit" Hint: In the greater Here & Now all solutions are already available. Tune into the right channel and off you go!
  The Radiance

"Love, life, laughter" Emerging from the red fiery part of all energy, represented by the colors of light on the floor, is a beautiful woman dancer in full flowing motion, radiating the vigor and beauty of materialized energy in conscious form. From the level of not yet materialized possibilities emerges a dancing shamanic shape, symbolizing the merge of cosmic and physical energies by conscious determination.

Mars/Sun: Overflowing vitality, body in full motion. Theme for contemplation: Living life to its fullest. Affirmation: "I take it all" Hint: What do you have to loose? Only one thing is dead- sure.