Cards from The Experimental Tarot

  The Choice

" boldly go where no man has gone before" The smallest is found in the vastest. Earth, sun and moon in perfect alignment, bathing in each other's light, surrounded by golden stars, represent the harmony that lies within a positive selectivity and perfect choice. From rigidity to never ending new impressions and lessons in the outside and inside world, the choice is everybody's own conscious decision. No responsibility can be thrown on one's past or present circumstances.

Venus/Ascendant: Good choice, superior taste. Theme for contemplation: My personal expression of the issues ,freedom of choice" and ,limitations". Affirmation: ,I can do anything I want, my limitations are my limitations, and I can change them too" Hint: Remember possibilities and options that seemed improbable or even impossible a long time ago and are quite normal today in your life.
  The Victory

"The ego is the killer of the common good" The ancient samurai's sense of victory lies within the defeat of the other. The New Man will find victory in attaining a great common goal, uniting everybody's energies to one constructive end. Accept the new or be stuck in the old, only you can decide for yourself.

Ascendant/Mars: Goal-oriented action, intense intent with or towards others. Theme for contemplation: Cooperation Affirmation: ,Together we are strong" Hint: Lonesome wolf or team-mate? How flexible are you? Can you let go of control? Be honest. Find new ways to reach a goal as a joint venture.
  The Strengt

"Belief creates physiology" A beautiful blonde dressed in a white robe holding a white lily is representing youth, vigor, cleanliness, health and strength. The virus faced and framed by the double- serpent's heads and body stands for the belief in disease-causing agents and standard medical procedures to deal with them. According to that same system of beliefs however, latest scientific findings indicate that those agents might also be the big disease-killers of the near future by implanting healing DNA information into malfunctioning body-cells. An entirely different symbol for physiological transformation is indicated by the butterfly, the transformation from caterpillar to flying beauty.

Ascendant/Jupiter: Greatness that shows, overflowing. Theme for contemplation: Consciousness determines physical being. Affirmation: ,I love my body Hint: Are you imagining your body as a perfect machine or as a self-conscious part of a joint body/mind consciousness? Your picture determines much of it's functionality. Read "Unconditional Life".