Cards from The Experimental Tarot

  The Harvest

"Existence takes care" An unearthly female holding a grape in front of a ripe spike, the sun is setting, the natural cycle is completed, nature gives generously and effortlessly. Six pairs of new seeds fly in the wind, ready to start a new cycle.

Venus/Jupiter: Fullness in harmony, love of plenty. Theme for contemplation: Abundance Affirmation: "I get what I need" Hint: The price list of nature looks like this: ,Everything for nothing plus a free servert". Take what is rightfully yours. At a higher level donor and recipient are one anyway.
  The Avalanche

"Taking a chance" The earth is vibrating, money is the foundation, big surprises are in the air. Is she overjoyed or horrified? Fait votre jeux, madame et monsieur!

Moon/Jupiter: Gambling big on intuition, winning big Theme for contemplation: Gambling Affirmation: "I am a winner" Hint: Try it! Good luck! You can only win, money or experience or both. But do not overdo it ...
  The Core

"Nothing less will do" The Alpha and Omega, the ultimate depth, the core of things, infinite eight, reaching through extreme tenacity. Transcendingly strong, disciplined effort.

Saturn/Pluto: Ultimate depth, transcending power. Theme for contemplation: Discipline Affirmation: "I see and take my own route" Hint: Your limits are much wider than you may think they are. Take up the task. Endurance is a valuable learning experience in this world.