Cards from The Experimental Tarot

  The Open Air

"Thoughts create the reality of emotions and things, it is never the other way around" From the energy aura of the earth thoughts of all possibilities are radiating, ready to be picked up by a perceptive soul. The reaching of previously inaccessible areas and heights, represented by the colorful balloon, is possible. Some pre-flight preparation and thought is advised, as can be seen in the thoughtful and fully equipped pilot.

Jupiter/Mercury: Thoughts that lead to great success. Theme for contemplation: What did I miss? Affirmation: "I want and I am able" Hint: Everything is possible within the frame of your beliefs. Did you consider everything? Sometimes the kitchen stove is still on or the creditcard has expired; inner limitations often materialize as outer barriers. If you find yourself saying: "it wasn't my fault" because ..", that's the moment to remember.
  The Fog

"Earthly existence is Maya" The masks" joyful and sad, represent the way the perception of Maya, the illusory great game of life, leads to thoughts and emotions of similar nature, often having us end up in a gray maze with seemingly no way out. As long as we breathe, the projector is turned on, throwing out colorful pictures of our own making within the narrow web of material existence.

Neptune/Mercury: Deception, illusory thought. Theme for contemplation: Cause/effect thinking or direct perception? Affirmation: "I know" Hint: Understand the broadness of the nature of reality, read the book.
  The Symbol

"All things are symbols" The base element of sensual perception and communication, symbols are place- holders for things and experiences, but not the experience itself. They are misleading if Chinese walls of rigid concepts and world-views separate them; ultimately all symbols merge and direct understanding is gained through direct perception, communion.

Saturn/Mercury: Rigid communication, deep communion. Theme for contemplation: Find a non-symbol. Affirmation: "I understand everything - my own way" Hint: As we translate language we also translate words into meanings. Indirect communication is based on agreement how that meaning is to be used. Direct communication and direct perception do not require agreement. Think about it!