Cards from The Experimental Tarot

  The Sudden Rain

"Can I handle it?" From a small cloud heavy raindrops fall onto a blossoming bouquet, a gray figure seeks shelter from the natural phenomenon underneath an umbrella. If deep emotions are met with fear and protection is sought, life turns stale; in a natural state one welcomes the unpredicted strong shower as the source of growth.

Moon/Pluto: Emotional connectedness with deep resources, extreme emotions. Theme for contemplation: Safety and stagnation. Affirmation: "I am safe and need no protection" Hint: Safety is your inner truth at all times. Sometimes neglected for need of adventure.
  The Oasis

"What is reality?" At noon, a dream city, suspended above a desert, obviously a mirage, and it's reflection in a small lake next to a palm, also an illusion, perhaps even the lake itself is, only the tree seems solid. Sometimes one's feelings or parts of them turn out to have little or no roots.

Moon/Neptune: Illusory emotions, beautiful movie-like dreams. Theme for contemplation: Reality or what?? Affirmation: "I don't know!" Hint: If you aren't aware at least enjoy dreaming!
  The Ocean

"A single drop of water contains the entire ocean" On the bottom of a vast ocean lies a beautiful fairy-tale- mermaid, a dolphin playing above her faces a horrified human, who, peeking through a hole in his perceptional blinder, gets a glimpse of the immensity and depth of the emotional world. What does one allow into experience? Letting go of control and deeply engraved patterns.

Neptune/Jupiter: Oceanic feelings, vast deception. Theme for contemplation: Let-go. Affirmation: "I am ready to experience everything, alive like a fish in the water" Hint: Cry, laugh, scream, jump up and down, whirling with the wind. It's all part and parcel of life. Be a human, be everything!

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