Cards from The Experimental Tarot

  The Home

"Home is where the heart is" The caveman at his freshly ignited fireplace, on the walls beautiful drawings that depict a contemporary surrounding. Symbol for the archetypal home, a safe place to rest and rejuvenate. This place may be in- or outside. Sportive figures in both upper corners obviously move out of sheer exuberance and the love of feeling their well shaped bodies.

Sun/Venus: Loving ambient, bodylove. Theme for contemplation: What is home? A group of people? A location? A timeframe? Affirmation: "I am a world citizen on all levels of existence" Hint: Didn't your consciousness already outgrow national, racial and other earthly boundaries?
  The Furnace

"The devil in me" A mischievous looking she-devil, ready to pierce somebody, symbolizes the spontaneous unpredictable nature of sudden activities. The source is unawareness, which the young figure, rolled up in an eggshell and not ready to face either the action or it's results, symbolizes.

Sun/Uranus: Upset, aggression Theme for contemplation: Spontaneity versus unconscious rapid action. Affirmation: "I am wide awake when acting" Hint: Act response-able, be able to respond from your full awareness in the moment. Don't be a machine.
  The Torch

"Who has power over himself has power in reality" Attainment of worldly powers by great leaders is represented by a fierce looking female revolutionary, although she may nourish it at her breasts, after a while it tends to eat its children. The nun in the background praying represents the kindling of the inner torch by devotion.

Jupiter/Pluto: Transcendental powers, worldly leadership. Theme for contemplation: Power, it's source and use. Affirmation: "My force is with me" Hint: Power has no pre-set value, like a tool it's use determines the evaluation. Combine awareness and the use of power.