Cards from The Experimental Tarot

  The Empress

"Men have made this planet into a slaughterhouse, it is time for women to show their abilities"

A contemporary figure known for her ability to "hold the strings in the background" marches towards the viewer, happily and with determination. Her left is guarded by an ancient Japanese female court member, her right by a earthbound black tribesmen chief's wife. Together, they represent traditional civilizational values as well as insight into the archetypal uncivilized nature of man. Embedded in the earth element's color green is the YinYang symbolizing harmonious action and that the entire earth is the playing field

Moon/Ascendant: Feminine influence, caring. Theme for contemplation: Come to know your female side Affirmation: ,I accept what I recognize as female within me" Hint: Start Tai Chi or Judo. Do sports that lead to perfection through flexibility and let-go
  The Emperor

"To rule is to support with compassion" A kid's hand holds on to the "emotional" (middle) finger of the emperor's left hand. The symbols of success, knowledge and power on top of a pyramid show the glory of a supportive approach towards a responsible position. The black carpet of red stars represents the main fire energy of decisiveness in compassion

Sun/Ascendant: Recognition, glory Theme for contemplation: My good is the common good. Affirmation: ,I am part of the greater organism of mankind" Hint: Watch your attitude towards power, knowledge and influence. Read the book "The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events".
  The Pope

"What we believe is what we perceive"

A contemporary figurehead representing strong and highly restrictive belief-systems has a lamb on either side, representing those who would rather enjoy the safety of a borrowed world-view than the challenge of creating one's own. The original idea behind the belief-systems is more often than not put topsy turvy by those administering rigidity to previously perhaps enlightening framework of ideas and visions. This is represented by the man nailed to the cross standing on it's head. Below is the visual counterpart of the mind-set of a "true believer": a narrowly woven fabric (of thoughts).

Saturn/Ascendant: Restriction with or towards the other, limited behavioral choices. Theme for contemplation: What do I ,know" and what do I ,believe"? Affirmation: ,Nothing is impossible" Hint: In your mind create weird situations, act them out and visualize the worst possible consequences for yourself. Imagine it in totality, after all, your thoughts are yours. Watch the tendency to cling to old and ,safe" images and situations. Check your evaluations, where did those criteria come from? Are they yours truly or learned from others? There is no need to communicate these experiences unless your really want to.