Cards from The Experimental Tarot

  The Fruits

"Reaping the fruits of hard work" A traditionally clothed couple dances a traditional dance in front of three huge corn spikes. Color of autumn and the symbol of harvest and earth represent the end of a cycle, small sprouts indicate the advent of a new cycle. The picture symbolizes well deserved joyful rituals after intense efforts have been made. A possible, but not necessary, indication of a somewhat limited belief in action concerning the possibilities of creation without hard work.

Saturn/Jupiter: Great result, huge barrier, widespread tradition. Theme for contemplation: Beliefs around work. Affirmation: "It is done!" Hint: Congratulations! Do you need recognition? Is your work its own reward? No gain without pain? Watch the beliefs concerning hard work you might have accepted from your parents. Life does not have to be earned, you are already alive!
  The Clay

"Industry" Two businessmen on a pedestal that doubles as coffin for a suppressed figure kept underground. They look at the horizon, four leaves, representing nature, are disregarded. Four coins, symbolizing material success, shine in the light of sunset.

Sun/Saturn: Maintaining glory at the expense of others, emphasis on one part by neglecting others. Theme for contemplation: Business Affirmation: "I am my own boss" Hint: Everything has it's price? Wealth at environment's expense is a great example for this mind-set. With growing awareness the insight into global connectedness of all things and beings will also grow. Make sure the result you get is worth the damage it may cause.
  The Quake

"The invisible helper" An androgynous figure is sitting bent over on a box leaning against a tree, five leaves falling off his hands. This symbolizes the giving up of a quite natural venture. A volcano injects new energies through the spine, which is not yet recognized or utilized for action. The greater system, represented by the earth/moon synergetic pair and the volcano, is working in the underground to help recover from the state of discontent. The sun is still high, there's time enough to start afresh.

Neptune/Node: Unknown influence, strange connection. Theme for contemplation: Giving in. Affirmation: "I keep it up!" Hint: Thomas Alva Edison is a great example for successful stubbornness. It took him thousands of tries to invent the lightbulb. A valuable cause should be met with endurance.