Cards from The Experimental Tarot

  The Aeon

"The last is also the first" Under the illusion of linear time the cycles of birth and death, destruction and renewal, are not immediately apparent. All things are connected, the mother at heart knows the fate of the sailor on the sinking ship. Until with each and all of life's sequences as one the great synthesis on playground planet Earth is reached.

Midheaven/Ascendant: You and I united, synthesis. Theme for contemplation: What is does time mean for me, here and now? Affirmation: "I am free to experience time in my own individual way" Hint: Remember "dream-time", moments of great emotional intensity, sudden accidents. Contemplate what it is that a watch shows you.
  The Breath

"Thinking is creating" From the spectrum of possibilities, the coherent mind focuses onto the result, thereby bringing it into existence in an ordered solid shape. Unfocused thoughts are drifting like leaves in the wind, leading to no such concretely desired result.

Mars/Mercury: The Power of focused thought Theme for contemplation: Watch where your thoughts come from. Affirmation: "As I think I create" Hint: How crystal-clear are your thoughts and intentions? Do your visions jump from one to the next quickly? How much does the world you perceive resemble the world you would like to perceive?
  The Exchange

"One cannot not communicate" From the background of all possibilities, represented by the spectral colors, emerge a man and a woman in exuberant communication. Below them not yet materialized ideas are waiting to bubble up and be communicated and used. Seemingly isolated circles are penetrated by a doubleheaded arrow filled with still unspecific form, representing the ever-present exchange between all individuals on the subconscious level.

Node/Mercury: Exchange of thoughts and ideas. Theme for contemplation: New, unofficial forms of communication. Affirmation: "I am a strong sender and a clear receiver" Hint: In a silent setting, think of a good friend, check the result later.