Cards from The Experimental Tarot

  The Wildfire

"You will know them by their actions" A dancer in flexible, but concentrated, action gracefully balances a huge ball in mid- flight. A multi-layered arrow points towards her heart indicating many areas of different size and shape partaking in her venture. A large forest in the background and the shadow of huge flames indicate vast potential energy that is dormant, but can be set ablaze at any moment.

Mars/Jupiter: Great action, vast undertaking. Theme for contemplation: Impact and coordination Affirmation: "There is no good unless you do it" Hint: What holds you back? Totality is one key to life and success! Balance and coordination another. Take your time for planning, put up a deadline, than act with full blast!
  The Flame

"Love is the message" A couple, him carrying her, clothed in holiday dress in front of a big, pulsing heart, symbolizes the classic love-affair. In the field of many probabilities, indicated by a colorful fabric, the possibility of falling "out of love" is also present, symbolized by the same heart, this time split by the yellow arrow of jealousy.

Mars/Venus: Love, loving action. Theme for contemplation: Thought and feeling, which comes first, which follows? Affirmation: "I am my own master and I allow" Hint: Watch the starting point of a feeling. Which thought did you have immediately preceding the feeling? Watch your thoughts and you know the source of your feelings.
  The Beacon

"A lion's heart" From the heart of the lion a laser-like beam cuts through layers of gray, inert material to lighten up the world of physical expression, symbolized by wild running horses. Heartfelt intent is the source of all great action.

Sun/Jupiter: Joyful being, great expression of the body. Theme for contemplation: Willpower and heart. Affirmation: "I am resting safe in the core of my heart" Hint: Do an experiment: Ask somebody to be real angry facing you while you rest in your heart. Watch his anger succumb to your steady loving energy.