Cards from The Experimental Tarot

  The Moon

"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" The inner doors of perception are always available, particularly in full-moon nights at places of power, ancient Celtic rings of stone, the pyramids of Gizeh and many others. Open those doors and other layers of reality can be experienced. The framework of this world is merely one small concept of perception. Various other ways to perceive are possible. Time is shapeable like height or length, non- directional and even colorful. There are no limits, neither to true revelation nor to deception.

Midheaven/Moon: Revelation, one's "higher self". Theme for contemplation: Activate the inner senses. Affirmation: ,My doors of perception are open anytime I want them to be open" Hint: Start to remember your dreams consciously. Remember daydreams right after you ,came back". Read ,Doors of Perception".
  The Sun

"Wakefulness is the path to Life" The central source of life, the sun for the material world, consciousness for the inner world. The flight into the source may be guided by entities in the flesh or out, living masters or channeled, or accomplished alone by one's own strength and connectedness to one's higher self, which is always ready and available. To tourists and onlookers, however mighty they may look in this world, only drops fall from the source of life. Their artificial light, represented by a candle, is almost diminished by the One Light.

Midheaven/Sun: Connection with the source, self- recognition. Theme for contemplation: Who am I? Affirmation: "All answers will come to me in the right time" Hint: Watch if you allow enough space for your impulses to be lived and inner voice to be heard. When the mind blares too noisily let calmness come in. That's possible in almost all situations!
  The Judgment

"The blind live each in their own world, the seeing share one world" Judge, plaintiff and defendant are one and the same person. From a higher perspective there is no victim and no wrong-doing. Each judgment can only be valid in the judge's own recognized reality. If intuition is neglected and the mind left alone to judge, fear and misinterpretation are invited. A Buddha-like meditative clarity unites the seemingly split perspectives, which automatically evokes understanding and forgiveness.

Midheaven/Jupiter: True greatness, supervision. Theme for contemplation: Who inside myself is judging? Affirmation: ,I am touched and untouchable, I am involved and keep my distance" Hint: Understand that you can take on any of these parts. All are learning steps to greater understanding on this plane. You cannot avoid going along the path of understanding or even jump a class.