Cards from The Experimental Tarot

  The Devil

"God and devil are mere symbols of duality" The moment one decides to return from the shores of the time- and formless to corporal existence, one chooses duality, good and bad, light and dark, god and devil. The illusion of separateness with it's firm merciless grip ignites the desire for "the other", one's "true love". Union is sought in sex and through the use of drugs, and cults and sects promise ultimate techniques to regain the state of union. All this is part of the big material-world theater and of the choice to experience separateness, which is just a choice to experience, with no value and judgment attached to it. Nobody keeps on fighting with the heroes after the movie is over and the cinema is left.

Midheaven/Mars: Personal task, work on oneself. Theme for contemplation: What is good, what is bad? Affirmation: "I recognize myself in you" Hint: Visualize a picture of your worst enemy, then let the picture merge with a picture of yourself, much like ,morphing" in video technology. Do the same with your best friend's picture.
  The Tower

"Civilization reaches only skin-deep" Any sudden outbreak of unfiltered aggression will blow the neat pattern of civilized behavior sky high. Great symbols carved in stone turn out to be paper-tigers. Assemblies of civilized man will fall when the skin of the earth is ripped open. Empty skulls will be left in the dust. Nature is watching in amazement from a distance. As in the big so in the small: anyone can experience a pattern-breakdown in his private world that touches the roots of the survival instinct of the naked body- consciousness.

Midheaven/Uranus: Sudden change of personality, personal experience of sudden change in the outside. Theme for contemplation: Oppression of emotions. Affirmation: "I will express my emotions!" Hint: Watch how much emotions you allow. Which beliefs do you associate with strong expression of emotions? Do the Dynamic Meditation, read the ,Orange Book".
  The Star

"Abandon all hope, ye who enter here" The six pointed golden star, traditionally the "seal of Solomon", symbol for wisdom, prosperity and harmony of the elements, hovers over its more mundane smaller brother, the Pentagram, which is used in various colors by many earthly organizations. The Pentagram is a symbol for upward orientation and success in it's broadest sense. New endeavors and adventures in consciousness or flesh are commonly represented by star-shapes if they are goal-oriented (as opposed to targetless Zen-type happenings that usually are represented by circular shapes). The hope to reach one's final outcome is the prime engine of those endeavors.

Midheaven/Mercury: Communication, shaping one's world- view. Theme for contemplation: Affirmation: Hint: Theme for contemplation: How precise are my goals outlined? Affirmation: "I know what I want" Hint: Be clear about what you really want. Choose a target, a course and stick to it! Too much all at the same time leads to nothing. And stay relaxed!