Cards from The Experimental Tarot

  The Strike

"Overkill" The fighter in total body-balance fighting his shadow, Yin and Yang are falling apart. First strike capability - leading to ultimate destruction. Finalizing action that transcends good and bad by sheer intensity and depth.

Mars/Pluto: transcending action, ultimate balance in imbalance. Theme for contemplation: Balance and imbalance. Affirmation: "I am centered" Hint: Sometimes a sudden hit will cut through the knot. Often though this is just over-reacting. Add awareness to your spontaneity, support a state of natural balance.
  The Son of Fire

"Fuck the world" Two featureless human shapes on top of each other, representing lack of distinction and commitment. From the many ripples of combinations and re- combinations confusion leads to counter-action, the sword of clarity and choice, almost drawn, will cut painfully through the illusion of independence. Top left and right: a loving friendly embrace, a welcoming handshake are less energetic (and less dramatic) interpretations.

Uranus/Node: Sudden union, short-lived relationships. Theme for contemplation: Reliability Affirmation: "I know what I want" Hint: Do you like one-night-stands? What about the after-taste. Make a firm decision.
  The Daughter of Fire

"Team" Under the guidance of a female professional all pull into the same direction. The big airplane symbolizes the intent of many to reach the same goal.

Mars/Node: Working together, towards a common end. Theme for contemplation: Teamwork Affirmation: "What can I do for you?" Hint: Is teamwork your strong point? Congratulations, you work in accordance with nature's principle. Lonesome cowboys meditate about arrogance and hidden fears.