Cards from The Experimental Tarot

  The Shaman

"I am in control" The robot-like figure has great knowledge and willpower that he uses to manipulate his environment, represented by the nine red beams from his third eye, the book (of wisdom) and the four elements attached to his expanded chest like medals from a mighty battle. This is how he approaches life. Living things like flowers and butterflies are mere gray shadows to him

Ascendant/Pluto: Willpower, knowledge of magical techniques. Theme for contemplation: Liveliness through let-go. Affirmation: "Life is a joyful game" Hint: Watch your fear of letting go of control and the advent of feelings of helplessness in uncontrollable situations, especially if interaction with other human beings is involved. Experiment with Tantra and other techniques emphasizing let-go.
  The Fate

"The only constant factor in life is change" Like a lighthouse, human consciousness in a body shines full cycle on every angle of life, captured in a seemingly sequential time flow, leaving most things in the dark most of the time. The embodied soul is so incorporated into the wheel of ever changing events, up and down, from Yin to Yang; from the top of the hill it may roll down left or right, who knows which probability will be realized? The focused conscious mind has insights. Aware or unaware - the choice is always yours.

Ascendant/Uranus: Unpredictability, spontaneity. Theme for contemplation: Destiny as Chance Affirmation: "I am the architect of my life" Hint: Through watchfulness find the bridges between today's events and yesterday's aspirations. Your spontaneity and ability to make decisions are your tools to create the gestalt of your life's events.
  The Law

"The real authority: what meets the eye is not all there is" A huge emperor-god's mask thrones over a modern city, representing society's obvious rulers and familiar (male) parental rule. Behind the curtain a different symbol lurks, ancient and of unknown nature and origin. If you want to know who really rules you've got to look deeper. This, however, concerns only outside authority. No man can be rid of his freedom unless he so sacrifices it on the altar of obedience and superficial safety.

Midheaven/Saturn: Restricted freedom, outside limitations. Theme for contemplation: Dependence and independence inside and out. Affirmation: "I am able to remain free whenever I choose to" Hint: Read "Foucault's Pendulum"